Advent and Lent Reflections

Diocesan Advent Reflection: Waiting with Purpose

As we continue our Synodal journey, an Advent resource Waiting with Purpose has been created for our Diocese. Waiting with Purpose responds to the voices heard during Synod reflections of longing for different forms of prayer that include faith sharing. Waiting with Purpose invites us to use Mystagogical Reflection as our way of encountering Christ in the Advent gospels. It invites us to focus on the presence of Christ in our experience and in the living tradition of our faith, to connect it to life now and to be changed by it.

Mystagogical reflection meets us where we are. No preparation is needed. It’s about being open to encountering Christ so we can live from Christ. It’s deeply personal and communal.

During Advent, our hope is that anyone and everyone will gather a circle of people to reflect on the Advent gospels using Waiting with Purpose, our diocesan Advent Reflection Resource. 

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Diocesan Lenten Reflection: Continuing our Journey

Lent is a time when we turn our focus to God through prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

In prayer, we draw closer in our relationship with God. In prayer, we communicate with him, read his words meditate on them, and contemplate the wonder, awe and beauty of our natural world. Prayer opens us up to love. We fast during this period to acknowledge the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the Cross. While fasting develops self-control, it also leads to spiritual and physical purification and helps us focus our attention more fully on the Cross of Christ. The Lenten call to almsgiving means making other people’s needs our own. The Cross that is carried can be a heavy burden and bring much suffering. We are called to lighten the load of those in need through acts of charity and service.

Each week during Lent we invite members of our Diocesan communities to gather to pray in small local groups, face to face or online. The Lenten reflection focuses on the Mystagogical Reflection (revealing the mystery of God) process. The resource provides the opportunity to encounter Scripture and our Synodal themes. As we encounter the mystery of God in the scripture, we discover the mystery of God in one another through sharing of life and experience.

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